Good letting agents can save a landlord almost £2,000 a month


According to Property Wire


Almost of half of private rented sector landlords use a letting agent because it gives them peace of mind and a quarter communicate with then on a weekly basis, new research has found.

The research from insurance firm Endsleigh also found that agents can help landlords save money, almost £2,000 a year, by minimising void periods.

Overall 41% feel the main benefit of working with an agent is that it provides peace of mind, and 25% will contact their agent at least once a week.

Landlords who feel they could save money by not using a letting agent said that the average amount they were not spending on fees amounted to £159 per month.

However, comparative analysis of the rental income and void periods for those landlords with, and those without, agents suggested that in fact agents saved their clients an average of £1,910 a year.

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