About Cavendish Green

Our main focus is on selling and letting gorgeous Cotswold properties. We pride ourselves in combining good old fashioned service with totally modern and up to date technology so that we can provide you with the best possible advantage.

Meet The Team

Lindy Gallagher
Lindy has always been at the forefront of the sales industry. Whether its being the first lady to sell cars for VW in Wales, selling thoroughbred race horses across America at the leading meets or as Healthcare Development Manager for a leading International Pharmaceutical company, she has always played at the top of her game. Selling to Lindy is not something you DO to a person, it's something you do FOR a person. Helping people to fulfil their needs is what drives Lindy forward everyday. 

Lindy is the figurehead of Cavendish Green and is passionate about maintaining the core values of customer service at every level of the company. 

Simon H Clark
Simon has the ability to see every aspect of the business, from the ground up. He seems to understand better than most that what happens at every level. He has extensive knowledge of IT, systems, management, business practice, design and marketing.

When it comes to the dynamics of a team, he a natural leader always at the front encouraging  everybody to give their best. He is a visionary, always seeing where the business could go, always considering and seeking out opportunities, with the sort of open mind that means he rarely misses a single one. 

Simon has honesty, integrity and total discretion; when you speak to him, you will know that he is listening with total attention and full concentration, and that you can trust him entirely. 

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